The Circle of Advice

Our financial needs change throughout our lives. The financial needs of a 65-year-old retiree are much different to those of a 25-year-old who is establishing their career, or to those of a newly-married couple.
This simple fact provides the basis for our Life Cycle Planning. As you move through the different stages of life, we adjust your financial plan accordingly; ensuring that appropriate steps are taken to meet your changing financial goals.

At each stage of your life, your SEA Financial Adviser will also take into consideration certain factors such as your needs, goals and objectives and tolerance for risk. Additionally, we will always select investments that align with your core values.

Over many years of practice, we have developed a structured advice framework that is designed to:

  1. Create a strong financial foundation (Stage 1);
  2. Build your wealth (Stages 2);
  3. Consolidate and protect your wealth (Stage 3);
  4. Enjoy a financially independent and fulfilling retirement (Stage 4).

These strategies are briefly explained in our Circle of Advice below. You can rely on your SEA Financial Planner to deliver a framework of tailored advice designed to provide you with the best opportunity to achieve your personal and financial goals.

The Circle of Advice

Framework Explained


(AGE 0 – 25)

You’re likely to be receiving financial assistance and support from your family 
Your cost of living is very low
You may have nil or low levels of income/cashflow
Your focus is on education, trade skills and/or establishing a career path
Budgeting fundamentals
Saving and spending strategies
Establishing simple & low-cost financial products (bank accounts, credit cards, loan facilities, superannuation, basic levels of insurance etc)
Funding education expenses
Establish savings goals & targets
Develop an investment strategy to start accumulating assets & wealth


(AGE 25 – 45)

Cost of living is increasing
Establishing a career
Leaving home 
Making decisions about renting versus purchasing property
Potentially getting married or starting a family
Goal setting and establishing a financial plan/strategy
Building an emergency fund
Taking on debt
Reviewing investments, considering  higher growth investment strategies with strong long-term returns (managed funds, shares and property)  
Increasing minimum superannuation contributions
Comprehensive insurance needs (Death, TPD, Trauma and Income Protection)
Education/savings plans for kids
Estate planning strategies

STAGE 3 – Consolidator

(AGE 45 – 60)

Cost of living typically at its peak
Established career
Often your maximum earning years/period
Personal debts paid off (or close to)
Paying education expenses for kids
Mature family
Dealing with elderly loved ones
Managing potential inheritances
Making some lifestyle decisions (e.g. home renovations, holiday home, travel etc)
Debt-reduction strategies
Tax-reduction strategies
Increasing your emergency fund
Maximising superannuation contributions
Review your investments, consider  growth investment strategies with strong long-term returns (managed funds, shares and property)
Review/reduce insurance (Death, TPD, Trauma and Income Protection) – as assets grow & liabilities decrease
Comprehensive super strategies including SMSF, managed accounts etc
Consider investing in shares and property
Estate planning strategies

STAGE 4 – Retirement/Freedom

(AGE 60+)

Cost of living starting to reduce
You have retired or are planning to
You have paid off your personal debts
Your kids are independent
Downsizing strategies
Reducing or removing the need for life insurances
Generating passive income from your investment portfolio
Setting up retirement income streams
Cashflow strategies
Maximising Centrelink entitlements (if applicable)
Estate planning strategies
Leaving a legacy for your family
Retirement/Aged Care living decisions
Review your investment strategy with a stronger focus on lower risk investments and higher focus on income generating investments

How does the Circle of Advice affect you and your family?

The Circle of Advice shows the different needs of families throughout their lives. At SEA Financial Group, we have long-standing relationships with many families, and our clients who are retired or approaching retirement often bring their children and grandchildren to us. In coming to the same financial adviser, you can be sure that your family’s wealth is looked after, and that your adviser already has a personal relationship with them. We welcome people of all ages and are proud to have supported many generations within the same families.

Our services and what to expect

The financial advice process involves working with you over a series of meetings. The journey starts with an initial consultation to discover your needs and goals. This is followed by data gathering and a strategy meeting to discuss the areas that our advice can address.
We discuss everything from your income and capital to assisting family members, and look at recommendations regarding assets, investments, property, debt structuring and management. 
After we agree on the strategic direction, a written plan is created (this is called a ‘Statement of Advice’). Once the plan is implemented, we schedule regular meetings to track your progress towards your desired goals, complemented by ongoing communications to keep you informed about investment markets and relevant regulatory news.
We are authorised by Oreana Financial Services to provide financial advice in relation to:
Wealth Accumulation
Income and Asset Protection
Tax Strategies
Superannuation (including Self-Managed Super Funds)
Retirement and Redundancy Planning
Estate Planning
Government Benefits and Centrelink Planning
Debt Management
Margin Lending
Aged Care Advice
You can rest assured your SEA Financial Group adviser will:
Take the time to understand you and your family’s goals, needs and objectives
Create a tailored plan for you that’s clear and simple with a holistic approach
Answer your questions
Act ethically and confidentially
Suggest ethical and sustainable investment strategies